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Review to a Kill: The Resorts World Birmingham Is Not Enough

Editor’s Note: The PR Who Loved Me. We have rules, you have to have rules or everything falls apart. But you can bend them… Despite our rules, we still get offers — a lot of offers: “Come to the opening

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Tilting at Sarehole Mill?

Birmingham doesn’t have any of those picturesque wind turbines, but we bet a certain class back in Tolkien’s day would have been collecting to buy and close down Sarehole’s water mill  and move it to Hall Green. You see, the

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Let’s make a thank you film for Mr John Lewis!

For ages New Street has been an embarrassment to Birmingham, just not giving the sort of welcome that a bustling european city of culture should. Yep, ever since they started putting a new shopping centre on top, where the car

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8 things to do whilst you wait for your 1 hour Amazon delivery

What a time to be alive. We are the second city to get one hour Amazon deliveries. But what can you do while you wait for your package? Here are a few ideas Wait for the Library of Birmingham to

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In Perry Barr you have two votes for Labour (possibly more)

Wes Mundell, our political editor, continues his #hyperlocal coverage of the 2015 General Election with this dispatch from Perry Barr… Round the grounds 2015 No. 2 — the election view in Perry Barr   PC predicts: Labour hold. And a close watch

Paradise City – the best email newsletter in our Greater Birmingham!

There are too many negative satirical and cynical voices in Birmingham – join us to celebrate the wow, the positive, the top choices we’ve all made to be in the global city with the big heart of England! With all

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Danny Smith: Disappearing World

This week, Danny writes a eulogy for Birmingham’s last independent bookshop. Some things, like grotty flats, go with a bang: a big showy controlled demolition surrounded by smug men in yellow jackets who pretend that playing with explosives doesn’t give

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Birmingham’s Christmas round robin 2014

  Dear (Greater) Manchester, Season’s greetings! And so happy to hear that your little administrative family has extended this year. We are too trying to build the brood, but despite a lot of temperature taking and effort all rounds the

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Brum’s best TV-theme pubs

An enterprising young chap has just re-opened Dale End dog-hole Saramoons as a theme bar: The Peaky Blinder. Despite now being much less likely to have any real gangsters in, it seems to have been a popular move — but did

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101 Things Birmingham Gave the World: The Book

This is the book that proves that Birmingham is not just the crucible of the Industrial Revolution, but the cradle of civilisation. It’s the definitive guide to the 101 things that made the world what it is today – and