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Staring Death In The Face

By Danny Smith

He’s lost, nearly forty, dumped, and surrounded by bin bags full of his clothes in his parents’ spare room.

Mourning not only the loss of the most important person in his life, but also the only future he ever really planned, his thoughts turn to death. If he’s going to start his life over, he may as well start at the end and work back. Find Death and become, if not friends, then at least on nodding terms. It’s not a good plan, but it’s the only one he’s got.

He’s stalking Death to Mexico. Home of The Day Of The Dead Festival, Santa Muerte the patron saint of drug dealers and the dispossessed, and a bloody cartel drug war that’s been going since the 80s. Death seems to be big over there.

The trail will take him to ancient temples, vibrant bustling markets, white sands, with weird tourists, and a neon blur of excess. Can he find his love of life now the love of his life has gone?

Released 6 October 2023 – Buy now in Kindle or Paperback
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Birmingham its not shit - coverBirmingham: It’s Not Shit

You know that Birmingham isn’t shit. Sometimes, though, you can’t articulate exactly why…

In this funny, revelatory, and occasionally nostalgic collection, the team behind Paradise Circus explore the places, people and Brummie ephemera that delight us about the second city. It lays out the ineffable reasons why we say ‘Birmingham: it’s not shit’ and then effs them.

Meet at the ramp and Jon Bounds, Jon Hickman and Danny Smith will dally down Dale End and take you up The Ackers. Discover Aston Villa’s sarcastic advertising hoarding, learn why Snobs could literally be magical, and dig up what might or might not be buried under Spaghetti Junction.

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Birmingham was the crucible of the Industrial Revolution, but it gave the World so much more… all of this.

“irreverent, informative and laugh-out-loud hilarious”
“one of the funniest books I have read in quite a while”
“the industrial language was uncalled for”

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