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Eye-opener – leaked email reveals the code behind New St advertising screens

Big brother, is watching you apparently. We’re all scared of the Bladerunner-ish techno future where the big screens outside New Street station target you personally with adverts that you ignore on the way to get a train. But how do

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Wow Brum! 48 Hours in the Jihadi Capital of Britain

For many years England’s second city has been seen as a cultural backwater, but following significant inward investment it has over the last decade been quietly changing for the better. It is the youngest city in Europe, it boasts a

The same essay about Albert Bore every day

Duran Duran get pilloried for claiming, on their 1995 covers LP Thank You, that ambulances won’t come to their houses because they are black. But they’re right, try to dial 911 from South Birmingham of the late ‘70s: it’s unlikely

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Promoter explains Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market


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Goodbye Pavilions*

Really, nobody gives a fuck. Today it’s a empty space, a ghost town, but has it really been anything more? Does anybody have any fond memories of the place? Devoid of shops you can see the artless early nineties post-modern

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Bournville: A Star Wars Star Story

We’ve just heard that the lead in the new Star Wars film, Rogue One, is from Bournville: Felicity Jones, formerly of The Archers. So we feel we need to do some jokes, but there’s a problem: one of us has

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Finally: Birmingham Mail, without the “content”

Fed up with pesky ‘news’ content spoiling your enjoyment of the adverts on your local paper website? Feel fed up no-more, with Evening Mail blocker: all the ads, all the page furniture, all the recommend articles about weightloss — but

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A modest proposal

for preventing the problem of the gentrification of our inner cities, and for making this trend beneficial to the public By Howard Swift Nothing can be more melancholy than seeing our once vibrant and battered brownfield spaces caked with checked

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Three Hipstermen (from Paradise Circus Live)

FIRST HIPSTERMAN (Craig): That was, literally, a lovely flat white?   SECOND HIPSTERMAN (JB): ..and those artisan chipotle fish tacos were really quite something too.   THIRD HIPSTERMAN (JH): Best I’ve had since I went to visit my more successful

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He made a comment about a black security guard: the found poetry of the Evening Mail’s Facebook updates

He made a comment about a black security guard, Remember this, cult TV fans? I don’t remember seeing this in any nativity story, Will you welcome Tyson Fury to Birmingham?