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Our pals over on Eye on Moseley have run a piece on the opening of Pizza Express and Prezzo in B13 and it’s a tasty slice of deep pan fun. There’s an obvious nimby trap laid out for the unsuspecting …

Don’t go topping yourself—chain pizza is in Moseley to stay Read More »

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for preventing the problem of the gentrification of our inner cities, and for making this trend beneficial to the public By Howard Swift Nothing can be more melancholy than seeing our once vibrant and battered brownfield spaces caked with checked …

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The latest Birmingham PLC press release — painstakingly recreated as news by the local paper — makes many proud boasts about the planned redevelopment of the Christopher Wray lighting factory. It includes the usual lauding of new shiny buildings and …

The Ruin Under Water — our perfect Birmingham Pub Read More »

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