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No. 7: The best of local racism on the local internet

It’s your weakly, Birmingham-related, freemium email with everything you need to know. It’s like the video tapes of 10 mins of Eastenders and Pop Idol that Alistair Campbell used to make for Blair so he could seem ‘with it’. Everything

No. 6: But where has Samuel L Jackson wheely bin?

Hiya bab, Hope Samuel L Jackson remembered to put his bins out this week. Ward boundaries: consultation re-opens The Local Government Boundary Commission is to alter recommendations to proposed ward boundary changes following receipt of public responses and will do

No. 5: Money for nothing, and chicks for free

Hiya bab, Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly* freemium** email*** that is always first with the big cultural news****! “Which Campbell Brother Are You?” quiz We couldn’t be bothered to write the quiz, so just take some personality questions

Paradise City #1 – the early adopter edition

Welcome to Paradise City #1. We’re as surprised to be here as you are. We just put a sign up form up for a joke, but lots of you wanted to sign up for… for what? We’re not sure. You