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The Twelve* ‘Indies’ of Xmas — a last minute Brum ‘indy’ shoppers’ guide

You’ve left it to the last minute to get Christmas gifts, but you’re still a hipster do-gooder at heart. You need independence, it’s a guarantee of thought and quirkiness and doing good for your local community. The fact that there

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We didn’t just invent Cluedo, you know: 11 Brum Board Games for Xmas

After Christmas dinner cognitive abilities are low and methane levels are high. No wonder then that a fair proportion of people choose not to move from in front of the TV: some just can’t, others think that watching Downton Abbey

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How to keep Birmingham’s Brutalist Architecture. No.4: Turn it into one of those trendy upside down christmas trees

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Your Local TV Christmas listings

In mid 2014 Birmingham will be getting it’s own local TV channel: City TV. Chances are that they might not make it all the way to next Christmas, so luckily we’ve been able to get a listing of their test

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Thinking of you at Christmastime

You open an envelope that is slightly bulkier than the average Christmas card to discover that it doesn’t contain money, only a folded couple of A4 sheets in twelve point Times New Roman. It’s the scourge of the festive season:

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Birmingham sends out a Christmas round robin

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Barry Norman is Away

As every schoolchild knows, it was Birmingham that gave the world Christmas. This year, in a move to recognise that inalienable fact, and to say Thank You to the city of Birmingham for this annual feast of gluttony, tat-buying and

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