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These are dire times for Brutalism in Birmingham but the battle for the city’s soul isn’t over yet. Paradise Circus has already suggested six tactics we might employ in the effort to preserve our concrete heritage and now I’d like …

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Library Story: a history of Birmingham Central Library by Alan Clawley “I read book once,” says Mr Heslop — played by Brian Glover — in Porridge, “green it was.” And I’m fairly sure if the green book Mr Heslop had read …

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The demolition of Madin’s Library is victory for cliché and gormless ‘opinion’. A triumph of pluralistic ignorance, with the blood on the hands of an unimaginative fourth estate who sleepwalked with what passes for a second round these parts into …

Brutal, beautiful, battered: we’re losing the war for our soul Read More »

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This essay features as part of our 2015 Brutal calendar — which is free to download today, but will be half price if you wait until the New Year. If you’ve ever seen a photo of Central Library architect John …

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We’ve already signed off for the holidays but we know that some of you are still in the office today — after all, there’s no work to do and the boss will let you go home at 12 in any …

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Like they did at the Southbank undercroft. Well played. Pic CC Hatters

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Central Library is a good quarter fit for the convention quarter and you can just make the Library Theatre into a revue bar as part of a turnkey hospitality solution: global heart, local strippers.