Christmas Market Jokes to Continue Despite COVID 19

For Immediate Release  Paradise Circus is saddened to hear that there will be no German Christmas Market in 2020 but has vowed to continue in their annual tradition of poking fun at the “well-loved” institution. As such we are announcing, today, that we will continue making the same jokes about Birmingham’s Christmas Market but in … Continue reading “Christmas Market Jokes to Continue Despite COVID 19”

Frankfurt’s Christmas market

EXCHANGE DEAL GOES DOWN A TREAT WITH KRAUTS The festive ‘German Market’ has become a popular annual event in Birmingham at Christmas, with literally tens of Brummies getting tanked up on gluhwein – German mulled wine – instead of their more usual white cider. How many Brummies realise that the ‘cultural exchange’ is in fact … Continue reading “Frankfurt’s Christmas market”

Boris Johnson’s Christmas Carol

Thatcher was dead: to begin with. There could be no doubt about that. Johnson had been to the funeral himself, sat near Osborne who was failing to hold back the tears. She was as dead as a doornail. Or less metaphorically, the 96 football fans who her government smeared and denied justice after Hillsborough. It … Continue reading “Boris Johnson’s Christmas Carol”

Danny Smith: The seven wonders of Birmingham Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year, apart from for Roy Wood, who must have a terrible time getting his bins collected. Like everyone else in Brum, are we right, we’re here all week. Try the rotting fish in the black bag on the street corner. Anyway, Christmas, web clicks, we asked Danny to riff… Stepped … Continue reading “Danny Smith: The seven wonders of Birmingham Christmas”

Hate the German market? Buy a candle and shut the fuck up

People complaining about people complaining that Christmas gets earlier every year gets earlier every year doesn’t it? And as well they might, it seems the only thing stopping the lights going up as soon as the kids go back to school is Halloween. One of the biggest proponents of this christmas creep in Birmingham is … Continue reading “Hate the German market? Buy a candle and shut the fuck up”

Birmingham’s got a much greater John Lewis Christmas advert

Mr John Lewis who is head of Birmingham, has decided that we should spend  £150,000 on an advertising campaign all about Greater Birmingham. It seems the marketing people have been taking their cue from Mr Lewis’s other business — as we can see from this leaked script.   From: To: Re: Christmas 1st October … Continue reading “Birmingham’s got a much greater John Lewis Christmas advert”