BRUMHOLE: because all of Brum deserves to go viral

Now we’re not saying we’ve got exclusive beta access to the Evening Mail’s new look, but…

BRUMHOLE All the #wow we can scrape off the internet with a long-handled shovel

Of course, we had to use AdBlock to make it readable.

Top stories today on BRUMHOLE:

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Neil Elkes Watched the Council Meeting From a Laptop in Aston and What Happened Next Will Bore You Ri – buffering – dg-ed.

31 Pages of Jobs On Thursday That Will Astound You

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Some Press Release Spun Verbatim

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This Vine of A Bus Argument in Sheldon Has Been Topped And Tailed With Adverts

Can You Spot Yourself in This Gallery of People With Thousand Yard Stares on the Cross City Line?

Warning ‘90s Kids!  Those Wasps Trapped Under Upturned Pint Glasses in The Beer Garden of The Prince Of Wales are Getting Angry

The Best Of Our Racist Facebook Comments


13 Serie A Aces Speculatively Linked To WBA by Us

Gary Shaw’s Beard from 1987: We Have Pictures


Incorporating the Birmingham Post

11 things only a rejected BYPY finalist knows about canapés

You Know You Run a Michelin Starred Restaurant When…

7 Mixed Use Developments Planned As Soon As The Existing Building Gets Suspiciously Burned Down

You Won’t Believe This Arts Council Funded Festival

An Estate Agent Took These Photos of A House In Four Oaks And You Won’t Beli…

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Director of Satire, Paradise Circus. Howard adds stability at the top, taking a strategic overview of operations whilst also stepping in from time to time in a caretaker author role.

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