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Satirical cartoon: Carillion and Chamberlain Square

Two council officials, in hi-vis vests and hard hats stand outside a locked building site. You know the council officials are Council officials as it says BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL OFFICIAL on their hi-vis where it would say ‘Beckham’ if it

Satirical Cartoon: Birmingham Chamber of Commerce react to US election result

It’s the morning, the results of the US election are in. We can tell this as a man in a suit in the background is holding a newspaper that says ‘Trump wins presidency’, despite that being both a shit headline

Satirical Cartoon: Lighting the library

Interior of the Council House, which you can tell because of the sign that says ‘Council House’. There is a newspaper — why? no-one knows — on a desk, the headline reads “More Council Budget Cut — they can’t even

Satirical Cartoon: The night before Christmas

David Cameron is in a four-poster bed, wearing a Dickensian nightcap. He’s cuddling a big stuffed toy, which looks a little like a pig. He’s smiling, content snoozy Zs waft up from his chubby face. There’s an old-fashioned medicine bottle

Satirical cartoon: Demolition

Exterior of Birmingham Council House – you can tell it is as the cartoonist has drawn roughly the neo-Venetian curves, but has also added a sign that says ‘Birmingham City Council’. There’s a smaller sign that says ‘Improvement Panel Meeting’.

Satirical cartoon: Birmingham’s C̶o̶b̶r̶a̶ Ansells Mild Emergencies Committee

A meeting room. A sign on the wall reads ‘Birmingham City Council Terrorist Response Committee Meeting’ A long boardroom table. Glasses of water, pens, paper, name plates for local councillors, one is labeled ‘chair’. There is no-one in the room.

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Labour Leadership election, by Matt of the Telegraph

Two men, in suits, are standing in front of a large square building. The building has no distinguishing features apart from its sign, which says ‘Birmingham City Council’. The men have no distinguishing features at all. Near the men is

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Satirical Cartoon: WMCA Metro Mayor announced

Four men in suits and one woman, are waiting for a bus at a request stop. The stop has ‘Birmingham City Council’ on it. Each of the five in the queue have a rosette announcing their names and their candidate

Satirical cartoon: Armistice Day in Brum

Five people in suits are standing in front of a war memorial. They’re all standing to be leader of the Council’s Labour group, but you probably don’t recognise them. That’s not our fault, it’s theirs. They are bowing. A man

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Satirical cartoon: Ian Ward stands for council leader

A man in an artist’s smock is standing in front of an easel, the canvas is empty. They’re in a room that has ‘Council House’ on a sign on a wall. A man in a suit is posing in for

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