So you’d like a say in who leads Birmingham City Council?

Want to feel enfranchised? Like you have some influence in the direction of your city? Then you need to have a say in who leads your local council. How to get that? Well you need our guide.     Of

Uncivil List — the sacking of Paul Sabapathy

Like me you’d probably be quite shocked to learn of our Lord Lieutenant, so to have heard about him at the very same time as you hear he has been fired from his post will leave you quite beside yourself. Yes,

BRUMHOLE: 6 Birmingham Pubs for party leadership hopefuls

If you’re a member of the Labour Party you’ll be inundated right now with texts and emails from the various comrades who want to lead the party, or even stand around in the background while someone else does. From the

An open letter to Jess Phillips, the camper van beef over

An open letter to Yardley’s new MP. It has to be open as we’ve not got a fixed address to sent it to.   Dear Jess, Congratulations on the election. We were chuffed, never big John Hemming fans, and we

Lolitics: The power of civic satire

Local councillors often communicate in a torturous combination of management speak and political spin. They share the oratory and obfuscatory ambition of government ministers but lack the support of hundreds of SPADs or the rhetorical benefits of a classical education.

You can lead a horse to Severn Trent Water, but can you make him think?

The Trojan Horse story is a Trojan Horse itself, with more Michael Gove reforms inside. Howard Wilkinson prescribes a shot of localism to be injected into the moral panic. Do you remember when you could drive right up to an

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Help Bill Drummond sue UKIP

  Artist Bill Drummond defaced a UKIP billboard. He isn’t the only one to do this but his intervention has been the most widely reported. The billboard that Mr Drummond worked on is just around the corner from Eastside Projects,

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So farewell then, green waste collections

First they came for the paper recycling, and I did not speak out — Because it was about 6am and I was still in bed. A week later they came for the glass and metal, and I did not speak out

The many empty spaces of Nikki Sinclaire MEP

[View the story “The many empty spaces of Nikki Sinclaire MEP” on Storify]

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Birmingham’s Musicians head up plans for the Birmingham Republic

Following the news that Happy Mondays’ Bez will run for parliament in the 2015 General Election, Paradise Circus has discovered plans by a group of Birmingham musicians to run for office next year under the banner of The Peoples Republic