Author: Jon Hickman
Jon moved to Birmingham from Guernsey in 1997. Many people are confused why. He is working hard to integrate himself. Bab.

   A series of things you must do when visiting Birmingham. No. 11: Mere Green M.U.G.A.

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Yeah I’ve been here a while. And now I’ve got kids: brummie kids. And so I guess that makes me a brummie dad. I was so proud the first time my eldest counted to FOIVE. Just the other day I …

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The Commodore Amiga is 30 years old today but while journalists line up to rain plaudits down on this iconic machine the most important part of the story of the Amiga — and all the other classic ‘80s and ‘90s …

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Yesterday I was happy to play For a penny or two a song Till a fellah in a black sedan Took a shine to my one-man-band He said, “We got plans for you, you’d never dream” You’re a Star, Carl …

101 Things Brum Gave The World. No. 76: The hollow promises, lies, and shattered dreams of fame and stardom Read More »

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In 2015 running is a spectacle and it’s a big business. The Great North Run and the London Marathon are sporting mega-events: televised and commodified, they’re about much more than running. They’re about cities, landmarks, tourism, charity, personal achievements, narratives …

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In an old episode of BBC science programme The Infinite Monkey Cage the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson described how as a young boy growing up in New York City he never saw the stars in the night sky; in a …

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We’ve been out drinking for about six hours, we’ve lost a lot of people and one of us is bleeding. In a few minutes one of us is going to try to pick a row with a train driver. I …

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When Fox News rented a quote on ‘creeping sharia’-like issues from terrorism ‘expert’ Steven Emerson he duly provided by saying, amongst other things, that there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go …

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A series of things you must do when visiting Birmingham. No. 10: 1o Woodcock Street

A series of things you must do when visiting Birmingham. No. 9: Ley Hill Surgery.