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2014 reviewed by Brummie kids

From Ebola to ISIS, 2014 has been a pretty shit year. Danny Smith is no stranger to shit years, having grown up in the 80s, so we sent him to find out what Brummie kids today made of it all. This

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David Harewood: Autumn Is Brumming

David Harewood, the actor, is from Birmingham — but has made an advert for London. We think it should be about his home city. So we recut it, with a little help from Kojak. We love you Dave.

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Secret cinema fans disappointed yet again as nothing happens at Star City

“First it was the Back to the Future production and now this” – modern cinema fans send warning over uneventful cinema trip at Birmingham’s Star City. Cinema goers, already disappointed by the cancellation of their tickets for the interactive Secret Cinema showing of Back

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