If new Kingstanding councillor Gary Sambrook was a bit of a prat when he was at school, he hasn’t changed.

Meet Gary Sambrook, he’s just been elected as Tory Councillor for Kingstanding, after quite a few goes. Congratulations, Gary. His mates made him a song.


He seems to be attracted to road signs.


When he was at school, back in 2006 he created an account on Wikipedia*, which is very public spirited. To contribute to the sharing of human knowledge is very Big Society and I bet Dave would like to call him up to congratulate him.


I mean, they’re both big fans of the Internet and they know how to work it. But Gary only ever uploaded one thing to Wikipedia. His bio**.:


He uploaded it on 11 October 2006 and gave his stated aim as ridding “the world of left wing scumbags”.  But come now, “left wingers” they are horrible: Stalin, Mao, the Baader Meinhof gang etc, he must have had a point. Except, in 2006, at that point in history the most famous “left wing scumbag” in the world would have been this man:

Nelson Mandela

But, let’s be fair to Gary we all do stupid things when we’re kids. And yes, he did go back and edit that bio a couple of days later:


But only to capitalise the word Conservative. Still, he must regret that rash statement now, eh? He must have grown up.


Nope.  He even thinks he achieved his goal.

With Labour in a comfortable majority in Birmingham, with the Labour party nationally way ahead in the polls. And, God bless him, Tony Benn still alive — how’s that goal going Gary?

Gary Sambrook,  we think you have a little bit of growing up to do.


*We’re taking his response to the Eva Philips tweet as an admission that he did create the account himself.

*A bio on Wikipedia is the something you create yourself if you would like to edit pages (or entries). Gary doesn’t have a page on Wikipedia, that’s restricted to notable people.


Author: Howard Wilkinson

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