Biz Bizley

Caravan StanA singer-songwriter of notoriety and repute. Listen to the man’s heartrending tales of arguments with seafood-sellers in the Hare and Hounds in Kingstanding, gasp at his portrayal of a man who was born in Dudley Road hospital..

Download a selection of his classic hits:

Hootiche-Cootchie Man from Kingstanding

Dudley Road

My Guy


Caravan Stan

Lost Without Trace

Kevin Kershaw

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Author: Jon Bounds

Jon was voted the ‘14th Most Influential Person in the West Midlands’ in 2008. Subsequently he has not been placed. He’s been a football referee, venetian blind maker, cellar man, and a losing Labour council candidate: “No, no chance. A complete no-hoper” said a spoilt ballot. Jon wrote and directed the first ever piece of drama performed on Twitter when he persuaded a cast including MPs and journalists to give over their timelines to perform Twitpanto. But all that is behind him.