15 brummies whose best work is already behind them in 2015

Babu collects the Brummie of the Year in 2005 and then stops being interesting
Babu collects the Brummie of the Year in 2005 and then stops being interesting

Everyone else is doing a ’15 for 2015′ listicle so why can’t we? Here’s the 15 best brummies who have really let themselves go.

  1. Paradise Circus
    Not funny anymore: 2014’s satirical cartoon review of the year about wheelie bins did not hit the heights of the one about wheelie bins from earlier in the year.
  1. David Harewood
    Axed from Homeland, now likes London for a living.
  1. Jasper Carrott
    Bring back that sitcom with the disabled kid, or go home, Jasper.

  1. Martin Mullaney
    Former leading cultural administrative giant, now hides light under a laurel bushel.
  1. Trevor Beattie
    Going into space doesn’t top the FCUK ads, launch aborted.
  1. Sid Field
  1. Sue Lawley
    Won’t ever be on Morecambe and Wise again. And in a very real sense, neither will any of us: the future is looking bleak.
  1. Malala Yousafi
    Unlikely to win another Nobel Prize, unless she does really well in her chemistry homework.
  1. Jon Bounds
    Buggered off to Oxford, like Tolkien did.
  1. Babu the Red Panda
    Tried a comeback last summer as a football pundit — and failed.
  1. George Cadbury-Kraft
    Where can you go after Dairy Milk with Oreo? Add alcohol? Oh, no you won’t, not without breaking another historical promise.
  1. Debs Davies
    After City TV is looking at Chris Moyle’s YouTube channel for inspiration. New content will be uploaded by September, honest.
  1. Neil Rami
    The Brum marketing man keeps writing the same press release over and over. But at least it keeps getting published by the broadsheets.
  1. Stewart Lee
    Is actually from Solihull, didn’t you know that?
  1. John Madin
    Bastards keep knocking down his buildings.

As picked by Jonathans Bounds & Hickman and Pete Ashton.

Author: Howard Wilkinson

Director of Satire, Paradise Circus. Howard adds stability at the top, taking a strategic overview of operations whilst also stepping in from time to time in a caretaker author role.