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Sept 13 Issue: The New Library

It’s been called ‘Whitby’s Folly’ and is supposed modelled after the ‘red cage’ car park.

But what do people think when they actually get inside?

Satirical Cartoon: 2014 in review

A very wide fish-eye lens ‘shot’ of Centenary Square and Chamberlain Square – this is a big New Year double page spread, ‘a year in Kerslake review’ if you will, a bonus for all fans of our satirical cartoons.

Outside the new library there is a group of people protesting...Read More »

Satirical cartoon: the cuts, the cuts

A man in a suit with a badge on that says ‘Sir Albert Bore, Leader of the Council’ is at the enquiries desk of the Library of Birmingham – you can tell that because of the sign.

Further behind the counter are empty shelves, marked ‘Sports And Lesiure’, ‘Accoutancy’, ‘Children’s...Read More »

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CC: By Andy Mabbett
CC: By Andy Mabbett

So farewell then Central Library…

Heard it through the...

You can also look inside

Sabres of Paradise

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