Paradise Circus Christmas 2013 Graphic

Highlighters at the ready!

It’s our guide to seasonal TV in the second city

Barry Norman is Away

Craig offers you a brummie overview of the Christmas films.

We didn’t just invent Cludeo, you know

A ton of Brum-based board games to try this yuletime.

The Twelve ‘Indies’ of Christmas

Last minute ‘indy’ gift shopping around Brum.

Christmas Robins

Jon Bounds asks what the fuss is about these round robin letters he keeps hearing about, while Howard puts one together for Birmingham to send to all the other cities. What a busy year it’s been!

How Birmingham invented the best bits of Christmas

From the 101 archives: Christmas, photocopying your arse and of course Doctor Who.

Danny Does Christmas

Some fine slices of Smith, on the christmas markets, the winterval and A Christmas Carol.

You want more? Well it’s nearly Easter.