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By popular demand, here is our hot take on the Trump election. Sorry we kept you waiting, it’s a complicated business. Broadly speaking, this isn’t a Birmingham issue. We are not aware of anyone with a Birmingham connection called D. Trump who we can interview about their tangential relationship to the President-Elect. We do not know of anyone from a B post code who is a distant relation to Hilary either. We do not know how Birmingham can make America great again. We do know that Trump’s election is one of several markers of a shift to a less tolerant and less progressive world. The other markers include the rise of the right at home and abroad, the Brexit vote, the movement of Tory policy in the direction of their right and the hardening against the left by those who claim to be on that side of …

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Wes Mundell, our political editor, kicks off our #hyperlocal coverage of the 2015 General Election with this dispatch from Sutton Coldfield… Round the grounds 2015 No. 1 — the election view in Sutton Coldfield There’s also a shortage of proles in Sutton, and the few they have know their fucking place. PC predicts: Tory hold. If you like your jokes live, come see our show at MAC, 21st May.